DSG Running

Divorce Support Group (DSG)

1.  What's with the Divorce Support Group name ... are you guys a bunch of divorcees going through midlife crisis ?
We may or may not be a bunch of divorcees.  We may or may not being going through midlife crisis but that's not why we call ourselves the Divorce Support Group.  It's an insider's joke among us.  We're an informal group so having lots of insider's jokes make things a bit more lively.  It's a good conversation starter if you want to join us and make friends.  Maybe you too can be a source of a new insider's joke.

2.  How much does it cost to join ?
It's free but our organizer isn't above taking your money under the table, over the table, or away from the table.  Since Gatorade does not grow on trees, all of our runners have made a one time $5 donation to the cause so that we can purchase supplies for water stations.

3.  What are your pace ranges ?
8:00 min - 12:30. min.  Run faster that 8 min/mile or slower than 12:30 min/mile and you will be very very lonely in our group.

4.  Who joins your club ?
We have a sizable chunk who have never run a marathoner before.  Many of our runners fall in the 1-3 marathons range.  There are of course some weirdos among us who have done 10+ marathons.

5.  What kind of water station support do you have ?
Our water stations support are volunteer based. If we can find volunteers then we have water stations.  Usually, all of the longer runs will have water stations along the route.

6.  Where do you run ?
We run out of the Pentagon North Parking lot.  The routes are in the "Mileage Schedule" section.  Pretty much, we cover about 20+ miles of the actual 26.2 MCM course during our training season.  This includes Georgetown, Rossyln, Rock Creek, C&O, WD&O, National Mall, Haines Point, 14th Street Bridge, Mt. Vernon trail, and more.

7.  What sets you apart from other running clubs ?
See #2 above.